Koncentrationsläger i Guangdongprovinsen där man håller Falun Gong-utövare fängslade


Sihuis fängelse

Telephone: 86-758-3301004, 86-758-3.301012; Zip code: 526237

Email: shjyst@163.com

Pekings fängelse i Shaoguan

Office telephones: from 86-751-8836000 to 86-751-8836999

The person who is in charge of persecution and brainwashing is the deputy chief Zhu Jianping.

Guangdongprovinsens tredje fängelse


Jiaolingfängelset i Meizhou

Spärrar olagligt in manliga Falun Gong-utövare

Yangjiangs fängelse

Har för närvarande över 20 olagligt fängslade Falun Gong-utövare (män)

Guangdongprovinsens kvinnofängelse

86-20-87413120, 86-20-87413069, 86-20-87413186, 86-20-87413113

Jail Chief Chen Yusheng (male), deputy chief Zhang Zhiping (female)

The jail 610 Office: Director Zheng and clerk Zou (police badge number 4455049)

Police in the special case team at the Penalty Execution Section

Instructors Liao and Zhang

Police from the Fourth Supervising Area:
Chief: Luo Hui (Responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners)
Deputy chief: Yin LihongInstructors: Surnamed Lin, Liu, Li and Tan Guimei


Sanshuis tvångsarbetsläger

Address: Sanshui Forced Labor Camp, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Ungefär fyrtio till femtio poliser har utsetts för att förfölja Falun Gong-utövare.

Below is a partial list of those who persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners between the years of 2000 and 2002 in Sanshui Forced Labor Camp:

Sanshui Forced Labor Camp: Fan Qingping 86-13702758501 (Cell)

Education Section: 86-757-7318585-3014 or 3006

Four policemen who persecuted Dafa practitioners in 2000-2002: Wang Haiqing, Chen Ruixiong, Fan Qingping and He Houren.

Police Chief Ma

The second team's chief Luo

The Education Section's Chief Chen

Police from the special team: Secretary Tong Chaoyin, Chief Qiu Jianwen, Deputy He Xiaodong, Deputy Lei Huiqing, Clerk Zhang Wujun, and Education Clerk Zeng Guanhua

Chiefs: surnamed Zhang and Chen, He Houren and Qiu Jianwen 86-13709601693 (cell)

Special Team: 86-757-7318585-3210

Chiefs: Surnamed Chen, 86-13809259314 (cell) and He Houren 86-13928565712 (cell)

The Third Branch (Special Team): 86-757-7314343

Clerk: Fan Qingping 86-13702758501

Departments and people who directly participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners:

The Political Commissar of the labor camp (Chen Zhiqiang) Assistant Chief (Huang Changhua)

Education Section Chief Liao Haibin, Deputy Chief Ye Xiujia, Assistant Director Zou Junming

Administration Section Chief Kong Wenzhong, Deputy Liang Gangshan, Wang Dejing and Li Shelin

Shenzhens andra tvångsarbetsläger

Huadu Forced Labor Camp in Guangzhou: 86841597 86713347

Chief and Party Committee Secretary Zhang Yudong, 86-20-86717141, 86-13926296088 (cell), 86-20-83847294 (home)

Commissar and Deputy Party Committee Secretary Chen Yaoguang, 86-20-86717143, 86-13802903025 (cell), 86-20-83847294 (home)

Deputy Chief of Instructors Zhou Yangbo 86-20-86717142, 86-13902391641 (cell), 86-20-86898616 (home)

The Second Team: Instructor and Party Secretary Li Guoming, Deputy Chief of Special Management Bi Dejun.

The Seventh Team: Instructor and Party Branch Secretary Zeng, Deputy Chief Liu.

Sanshuis tvångsarbetsläger för kvinnor

Address: Sanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province 86-757-528100

The people primarily responsible are Chief Xie, Deputy Chief Tang and Deputy Chief of the second team Tang Xiangping.

86-757-87313692, 86-757-87313847

Yang Zhong 86-13709606130 (cell)

Administration section: 86-757-7756198 (office), Chen Yanhong: 86-757-7313847 (office)

The second team: 86-757-7756212, 86-757-7751902

The second team Chen Ke (female), 86-757-7756198

Team Leader: Sun Yuxia (female), 86-1350269769 (cell)

Chatou tvångsarbetsläger för kvinnor

Chief: Xu Xiangan, male, 86-20-81730790 extension 8888, 86-13802950304 (cell)

Chief of the Special Team: Liang Huiping, female, 86-13925148561 (cell)

Administration 86-20-81730813, 86-20-81730790 extension 8822 or 8854 Lu Dongmei and Zheng Haiyan

The third team that specifically persecutes Falun Gong: 86-20-81730790 extension 8856

Chiefs Xiang Fan and Zhang Weixin

Guards: Xu Xiaohong, Zhang and Wang, Wang Yu


Sanshui hjärntvättscenter

Address: Guangdong Province Law Education Institute, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

86-86-757-87774004 Zip code: 528100

Chief Peng (male), Deputy Chief Li Meiying (female) 86-13702758486 (cell)

Team leaders: Wang Jiadong: 86-757-87317717, Chen Ruixiong (male), Huang Yu (female), Lu Jinhu's wife who is surnamed Li

Deputy Chief Chen from the second team: 86-13928577234 (cell)

Police: Lu Jinhu (male), Gu Changqing (male), Yang Juan (female), Guan Dehong (female).

Education section: Zhang Huiping (female)

Doctor who participated in the persecution: Wang Zhiwen (male)

Chatou hjärntvättscenter

Address: Chatou Xizhou North Street 56, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Zip code: 510435

Director Pan Jinhua 86-20-81730648, Deputy Director He Yunyu, Commissar Li Xuezhen (female, 86-20-81730767 86-20-81730648, 86-20-83485250 (home), 86-13922159049 (cell))

Administration Section Chief Lai Jianfeng 86-20-81730646, 86-20-81730648

Zhai Yongping (Instructor, who began to directly participate in persecuting Dafa practitioners from the beginning of 2000.): 86-20-81730767

Medical office: 86-20-81730817, duty officers' observation room 86-20-81730648

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